Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of real estate services does Sacramento Duplexes offer?

Sacramento Duplexes provides a comprehensive range of real estate services tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. Their offerings include providing listings for duplexes available for purchase in the Sacramento area, facilitating buyer-seller interactions, and offering guidance through the complex real-world real estate transactions.

How is Sacramento Duplexes different from a real estate brokerage?

Sacramento Duplexes distinguishes itself from a typical real estate brokerage in a few key ways. While traditional real estate brokerages deal with a wide range of property types, Sacramento Duplexes specializes exclusively in two to four unit properties. This focus allows it to provide a level of expertise and service that is tailored specifically to the needs of duplex and multi-unit buyers and sellers. 

How long ago was Sacramento Duplexes founded?

Deena Fair earned her real estate license in 1979, and knew early on that this is what she wanted to do – focus on duplex and four-plex real estate properties in the greater Sacramento area. 

How did Sacramento Duplexes come about?

At Sacramento Duplexes, we share a passion for helping individuals like you achieve their real estate goals. The founder, Deena Fair, has a long history of working with potential real estate investors who buy and sell two to four unit properties. 

Do Sacramento Duplexes buy and sell properties, or do you provide only a means for other investors to buy and sell?

Sacramento Duplexes not only facilitates the buying and selling of properties but also takes pride in being a reliable partner for investors in achieving their real estate goals. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to relocate, or an experienced real estate investor, we are committed to providing you with exceptional guidance throughout the entire process. 

Approximately how many duplexes are currently for sale in the greater Sacramento area?

We list as many available two to four unit properties as possible on our website. Our listings include the entire greater Sacramento area. 

On average, how quickly does a duplex sell in Sacramento?

The average time it takes for a duplex to sell in Sacramento varies, typically ranging from one to three months. However, this duration is influenced by factors like the location and condition of the property.

Do you also list single family homes?

Unfortunately, we do not include single-family homes in our listings.

Do you list properties outside of Sacramento?

Indeed, our property listings extend far beyond the boundaries of Sacramento. Placer and El Dorado County are just a glimpse of the diverse locations we have to offer. Expanding our service, we present a range of properties in multiple locations on our website. 

Do you list properties outside of Sacramento?

We regret to inform you that Sacramento Duplexes does not currently offer listings for rental units. Our primary focus lies in providing a wide range of services to our real estate buyers and sellers, such as facilitating property transactions. 

What kind of growth do you see in the next decade of new duplex or fourplex construction in Sacramento?

We anticipate an upward trend in new duplex and multi-unit construction in the Sacramento area. 

Does Sacramento Duplexes have any publications or email distributions?

By subscribing to our email database, we can send you notifications when new properties become available. 

Do you offer mortgage advisory services to first-time real estate buyers?

We provide guidance and support to real estate investors interested in Sacramento’s duplex and multi-unit properties.

What kind of financing options are available for purchasing a second residential unit?

When it comes to financing a second residential unit, there are various options you can explore. It all depends on whether you are purchasing a second property outright, or looking to secure a mortgage on a second residential unit. 

What are the pros and cons of purchasing a duplex or four-unit property compared to a single family home?

When considering the choice between a duplex or four-unit property versus a single-family home, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. You can compare prices, and also the unique offerings of each option. It also depends on whether a property is being purchased to be your own residence, or if you are comparing different investment options. 

Approximately what percentage of duplexes in Sacramento are part of HOAs?

The prevalence of Homeowners Associations (HOAs) in duplex and multi-unit residences in Sacramento varies. While some neighborhoods, especially newly developed ones, often feature these communities with HOAs, many older duplexes and multi-unit properties may not be part of any HOA. 

How do I list a duplex for sale on

To list a duplex for sale on, simply reach out to us and we’ll handle the entire process on your behalf. Rest assured, our team will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure your duplex or fourplex gets listed on our website.

Do I need to find my own real estate agent if I'd like to buy a duplex or fourplex that's listed on your website?

If you are interested in buying or selling a duplex or fourplex property, you can simply reach out to us online through the client portal for any real estate questions.

Do you work with property investors who are interested in buying multiple units in the Sacramento area?

Certainly! We absolutely work with eager property investors seeking to acquire multiple units in the thriving Sacramento area.

Where can I read more information about your real estate services in Sacramento?

You can reach out to us online, or reach us by email at [email protected]. You can also call us at 916.300.9310. We’re here to make sure you get all the answers you need!

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